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Lemon Pallas

Dog shampoo MAXI | Organic | gentle coat care without chemicals & soap

Dog shampoo MAXI | Organic | gentle coat care without chemicals & soap

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SOFT COAT CARE – Our pet shampoo with original Moroccan lava clay naturally and very gently cares for your pet's coat. It reduces itching, is hypoallergenic and makes long and short fur shine. The neutral, earthy smell makes it very pleasant for your four-legged friend. Because of the mild effect also very suitable for young animals. INNOVATIVE – The world's first pet shampoo without any chemical additives or soap. This makes the shampoo completely natural and degradable without residue. 100% nature. 0% chemicals. GOOD CONSCIENCE – Our pet shampoo is vegan, biodegradable and produced with minimal use of resources. We do not use outer packaging and all packaging materials used are fully recyclable. We use only organic raw materials that come from resource-conserving cultivation, and our business supports the development of small businesses in the North African region. NO ANIMAL TESTS – Animal welfare is our priority – not only in the application on our customers' animals, but also in development and production. Therefore, we refrain from any animal testing. MADE IN GERMANY – Our products are exclusively manufactured in our family business in Göppingen according to the highest quality standards and in organic quality. Purchase directly from the German manufacturer at the guaranteed lowest price.

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