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Cloth Wipes, 50-Pack: Handle Pee, Poop & Wet Fur with Ease!

Cloth Wipes, 50-Pack: Handle Pee, Poop & Wet Fur with Ease!

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You love your dog and want to give him the best life possible. But sometimes, it can be hard to keep up with all of their messy ways. Keep your pup looking clean and smelling fresh with our dog wipes, dry towel, & grooming kit. Easy to use, our super absorbent dog towel is an affordable and dependable product used to remove grime, sand, and wetness and make your dog’s fur super clean and soft instantly. Give yourself a break. We're here for you (and your pup).

The Best Dog Towel and Wipes for Outside Usage

Kivema's wet wipes for dogs are easy to use and gentle enough for puppies, big dogs, and even sensitive skin. This product makes bath time easier and quicker, making the entire process smoother for every dog owner. Not only are these wipes easy to use, but they are also dog-friendly and biodegradable. So, whenever you are outside with the dog, using these wipes will be easier. These dog towels are super absorbent and can be used in any weather, condition, and surrounding. Our dog beach towel is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

We have created the best dog towels available in the market at an affordable price. These towels have the perfect Ph balance and do not contain any form of sulfates and parabens. We have added natural ingredients in the dog wipes and towels, including aloe vera extract, which naturally moisturizes the dog’s skin. Inside the pack, you will find neatly rolled and woven thick fabric cloth, which is perfect for drying the wet pet and cleaning all the dust and mud from the fur.

Best Features of Kivema Dog Drying Towels

Quick Way to Dry the Dog

We have made super absorbent, super towels to clean your dog. We have made the wipes to be the easiest and most effective way to remove all the dust, mud, dirt, grime, soil, or any other type of material from the dog’s fur. With these wipes in your bag, you will never restrain your dog from exploring the outdoors and venturing into any direction. 

Naturally Made and Tested

The Kivema towel for dogs is tested for purity, safety, and effectiveness to give your dog clean and tidy fur. We have added all the natural ingredients for making the wipes, from sourcing the paper to adding the cleaning agents and fragrance; every element is naturally sourced and processed with environment-friendly techniques. The resultant product is suitable to use and will not harm Mother Nature. 

Non-Irritating and Alcohol-Free

We resonate with love and care you have for your dog and have created a product that amplifies your love and care for your furry friend. The Kivema dog tower, with super absorbent qualities, is free from any sort of irritant that can harm the dog’s skin and fur. We have not used alcohol in form and have given the wipes natural materials that aid in cleaning the dog’s fur, ears, eyes, nose, and skin. 

Beautiful Finish and Fragrance

As you continue to use our dog towel wrap, you will end up cleaning the dog and leaving them with a unique fragrance. There are no parabens, sulfates, or dyes in the wipes and towels. After use, the dog will smell great and be safe from any sort of diseases caused due to dirt, mud, and other materials. 

Benefits of Kivema Dog Bath Towel

Suitable for Every Dog

We have made dog wipes that are suitable for every type and breed of dog. We understand that every breed of dog has a different type of fur, but our wipes will work effectively well for all these types and help dog owners clean their dogs with a single wipe. We have taken care of the dog’s skin and have designed the wipes to protect and preserve the dog’s skin and fur. 

Safe for Puppies

Compared to bigger dogs, puppies need better care and hygiene. The Kivema towels for dogs are safe to use on puppies as we have not included any type of ingredient that can possibly harm the puppies. These wipes offer a water-free and quick cleanup of the puppies. As a result, these wipes are perfect to use when you don’t have easy access to clean water for cleaning the dogs and puppies. 

Skin Moisturizing and Parabens-Free

The Kivema dog wipes are perfect because they nourish the dog’s skin underneath the fur. At times, our furry friends like to explore the outdoors, due to which all sorts of harmful materials attach to the fur and skin. However, as you use the wipes, which are free from any sort of harmful materials. Moreover, the wipes moisturize the skin, keeping it rich in nutrients. 

Gentle, Safe, and Convenient

The Kivema wipes resemble a gentle touch of a mother’s love that your pet deserves. These multi-purpose wipes are safely sealed in a circular orientation and are built with woven thick fabric cloth. The cloth is pleasant to touch and will not leave harsh rashes on the dog’s skin. You can install the wipes in a dog paper towel holder with ease and store it anywhere in the house. 

When to Use Kivema Dog Towels

These super absorbent towels for dogs and pets can be used when you want to clean the dog’s paws, skin, and fur after they come in contact with mud, dirt, or any other material. These wipes are safe to use on any type of dog skin and fur. The circular packing is easier to carry anywhere you go. 

Directions to Use Dog Towels

  1. Gently pull out one dry towel from the pack of 50 units. 

  2. Unfurl the dry towel and wipe the area with dirt and mud on the dog’s skin and fur. 

  3. You can use water if required. The water won’t disintegrate the towel and will provide efficient cleaning. 

  4. Discard the towel after use. 

Cautions to Use the Dog Wipes

  • Do not press the dog’s eyes and skin too harshly with the wipes. 

  • Some dogs have a skin condition, make sure to ask the doctor before using the wipes on their skin. 

  • Do not use the dog towels with force in the dog’s eyes. 

  • Always store the dry towels in a cool and dry place.

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